Seishin Gakuen Mottos

師弟同行 – “Teachers advancing together with students”

全人教育 – “Well-rounded education”


Seishin Gakuen Academy Vision and Mission Statement

  1. The Founding Spirit of the School (School Vision)

           On the remote, wave-battered dunes of Kashima,

              We aim for the triumph of humanity.

              With hearts ever pure,

              And with rich intellect,

              We search for the truth.



  1. Educational Mission

Teachers advancing together with students to complete a well-rounded education:

  1. By carrying out all endeavors with integrity.
  2. By encouraging an independent spirit so as to build enduring strength of will and body.
  3. By cultivating a rich humanity so as to deepen the sense of loving and respectful service.
  4. By developing aptitude and ability to their fullest extent so as to enable the fulfillment of future dreams.
  5. By maintaining an international perspective so as to develop a richly creative mind.



  1. The Mission of This School as Based upon the Founding Spirit and Educational Mission

           (1) Seishin Gakuen, as its fundamental ideal, should:

  1. Prepare an educational capacity corresponding to each of the areas of Knowledge, Virtue, Physical Fitness, and Skill for the individual growth of the students.
  2. Preserve a rich natural environment so that the students can learn not only to coexist with nature, but to have a deep sense of sentiment.
  3. Aspire to be a school that renders service to the local community, to say nothing of the students and parents.


(2) The students of Seishin Gakuen should be: 

  1. People of character and intellect possessing abundant creativity.
  2. People who render service to the community while maintaining an international perspective, strict with regard to themselves while warm with regard to others.
  3. People with the capacity for logical thinking as would befit a pursuit of higher education.


              (3)  The educators of Seishin Gakuen should: 

  1. Possess intellect, refinement, and skill, and carry out their instruction with abundant passion.
  2. Always view the students from many perspectives, with the greatest of care, while researching and putting into practice the most appropriate forms of instruction.
  3. Never neglect their own training, always learning together with the students, looking forward, and pursuing their endeavors with concerted effort.